Stress Systems



Exercise testing with wireless or wired ECG.

The CARDIOVIT CS-200 Office is an exercise 
test system and is designed for use in the physician’s 
office. The powerful combination of MS-12 blue,
a  wireless Bluetooth 12-channel ECG amplifier, 
and  SDS-200 Office software allows more freedom 
to operate in any environment, even in confined 

Motion artefacts are minimised by eliminating the
analogue cable connection.

Available in different versions: only the software 
for your computer or as a complete configuration 
including a SCHILLER custom-designed trolley 
and a modern all-in-one, touch-screen computer.


• As an option, CARDIOVIT CS-200 Office is also
  available with MS-12 USB (USB connection) 
  instead of MS-12 blue (Bluetooth)
• Data quality with algorithms that provide the 
  clearest, most accurate test results
• ECG measurement software with accurate 
  measurements of recorded cardiac signals
• Worklist
• User-defined workflow (with printouts or paperless)
• Resting rhythm
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